Q.  Do I need any wine background for the Wine Concepts courses?

A.  The Wine For Business Professionals and Wines of France courses are intended for people with no formal wine background who want to expand their knowledge, and enjoyment, of wine.  The Burgundy Deep Dive course presumes a basic familiarity with French wines, whether through the Wines of France course or otherwise.

Q.  When are the course offered?

A.  We'll begin offering courses in late February 2019.  The course schedule will be announced on the website and on our blog.

Q.  Do you design custom courses?

A.  Yes. We can provide wine courses and events to suit your needs. In particular, we can provide training for law firms and other professional firms as part of their business development training.  Contact jim@wineconcepts.net for information and pricing.

Q.  When do you offer wine travel events?

A.  Once or twice a year, when we're traveling to a wine region, we'll take a small group along.  We'll announce this on the blog.  If you're interested, contact jim@wineconcepts.net and we'll provide advance information on our plans.