Wine Concepts is dedicated to making sense out of wine.  It's all about enjoyment --  a nice bottle  shared with friends or colleagues or a perfect bottle for a special occasion.  It shouldn't be about mastering wine geek terminology or the minutia of various wine appellations and vintages.  While all of that can be fascinating, it isn't necessary to find the perfect wine for any occasion.

Wine needn't be complicated.  The inspiration for Wine Concepts was years of watching people at business or social dinners looking down at the table when the wine list arrived so that they wouldn't have to choose, or floundering in a wine shop when faced with hundreds of selections.  For those in the Austin, Texas area, Wine Concepts provides a series of courses that will teach you how to be comfortable selecting appropriate wines.  We'll offer those courses periodically, or if you'd like to schedule a course for your own group, contact to make arrangements.

For those who can't attend our courses, this website contains great practical wine information.  Come back often, as we're constantly adding new content. And be sure to join our email list and follow our blog.  

Chateau Cheval Blanc

Wine Education

No nonsense wine education focusing on business professionals and serious wine lovers.  Jim Bushee, a retired partner in a major international law firm, is a Certified Wine Educator (CWE), French Wine Scholar (FWS), Spanish Wine Scholar (SWS), and holds a master-level certificate in Burgundy wines.

The Wine Concepts website contains practical educational material and tips to enhance your wine enjoyment.  Pick an area and dive in, preferably with an appropriate glass of wine in hand.

  • For practical information on French wine regions, click here.
  • For practical information on Italian wine regions: click here.
  • For practical information that every wine consumer should know, click here.

We also offer live courses in the Austin, Texas area.   Those courses include:


Wine Events

Wine Concepts provides wine education and tastings events for corporate and individual clients.  The wine education classes are perfect for business development training programs, and wine tastings are great for client and firm events.  We can accommodate groups of 8 and larger for individually tailored events.

Cote de Beaune

Travel Experiences

Periodically, Wine Concepts takes a road trip to interesting French and Italian wine regions.  We'll announce our trips well in advance, and will limit our groups to a small number to enhance the experience.  If you're interested in the wine trip of a lifetime, email