Wine Concepts is Live!

I've wound down my law practice  and am excited to be starting on the next phase of life. For me, that means following my passion for wine. In addition to my studies to become a Certified Wine Educator (CWE), I'm finalizing a schedule for Wine Concepts educational courses and getting my packing list together to jet off to the Rhone Valley January 22 (a retirement surprise from my wife Marisa!)
The Rhone Valley is a spectacular place that boasts, in addition to a plethora of fine wines, amazing cultural and historical sites. For instance, did you know the largest colosseum outside of Rome is in Orange, France? And that The Pyramid, in the center of Vienne, is part of a Roman circus built for chariot racing that dates back to the 2nd century AD? We'll be visiting these historical sites and meeting with winemakers, vineyard owners and more during our trip.
If you want to learn more about the Rhone Valley, just follow this blog. I'll be posting regularly!

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